ELT ECO Stainless Steel Lift Tables

ELT ECO Stainless Steel Lift Tables

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The Mobile ECO ELT Stainless Steel Lift Table is a lifting device featuring easy, flexible, reliable and safe operation suitable for short distance transportation of loads in such applications as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shopping malls and workshops, where the unit is required to be washed down on a daily basis and a corrosion resistant exterior is needed.


  • Capacity : 220 / 550 / 770 / 990lbs
  • Raised Heights : 48″ / 35″ / 51″/ 35″


  • Lift and Transport Design¬†
  • Upper Lifting Limit Bypass
  • Fixed and Swivel Wheels
  • Dual Brake System
  • *Galvanized Pump and Scissors