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Pallet Jack: How to Choose the Right One

26 November 2015

Correct pallet jack selection has a big impact on your operating efficiency and effectiveness.  To be sure that you are choosing the right one, it is wise to ask yourself a number of questions regarding your operating environment, usage hours, lifting requirements, and more.

Are you ready to choose the appropriate piece of material handling equipment for your needs?


Here are 13 Questions to Ask When Buying a Pallet Jack

  1. What is the weight of the loads?
    • Here, capacity of the pallet truck and worker fatigue becomes critical in your selection. Manually operated pump trucks may make your operations inefficient.
  2. Am I transporting an irregular load?
    • Consider what size forks you will need. You may require a unit that has longer forks or that has a wider overall fork width that may be better suited for your irregular loads.
  3. What are the sanitation requirements of my operations such as in the foodservices industry?
    • Caustic solutions will be needed to clean your pallet jack requiring it to becorrosion-resistant.
  4. How low to the ground is my pallet?
    • For obvious safety purposes, your material handling unit will need to be spark-resistant. Consider a low profile pallet truck.
  5. What are my maneuverability requirements?
    • If you operate in tight spaces, a unit with the ability to turn at 90 degrees will be needed.
  6. What is the terrain that I’ll be operating on?
  7. Do I work a retail environment?
    • Consider alternate wheel/roller options if special consideration needs to be made to your floor type.
  8. Do I work in an industrial setting?
    • If this is the case and heavier loads are being transported, an electric pallet truck recommended rather than a manually operated unit.
  9. Are there a variety of loads being transported?
    • Check to see if there is a common fork dimension truck that can be used to carry all necessary loads, or alternatively invest in a fleet of trucks, each suited for a specific task.
  10. Will it be required to be in constant operation?
    • If so, choosing a self-propelled option may not be the best idea and a manually operated pump truck may be more suitable.
  11. How many hours will it be in operation?
    • If you are using an electric pallet jack, consider the battery life and having back-ups to prevent any productivity slowdowns.
  12. What is your budget?
    • This, combined with the above questions, will ultimately help you decide on the perfect pallet truck for your unique needs.
  13. What type of aftermarket / customer service support is needed?
    • Consider choosing a truck from a reputable brand with a reputation for great customer service and aftermarket support.

Are there any other questions or considerations that we missed?  If so, share your insights in the comments below.

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