Rolling Ladder Highlights

06 January 2016

With Mobile Industries wide selection of rolling ladders, you will be sure to find the precise one to meet your needs. All of our rolling ladders are designed to meet the strictest of regulatory standards.

They can be moved with ease through your facility and down your warehouse and retail aisles. Users are given safe access to high areas without the need and added costs of automated equipment and forklifts

Mobile Industries rolling ladders are made in Canada and are constructed of high quality, 14-gauge steel that safely supports a combined weight of up to 350 lbs.

There are a variety of options to choose the right ladder for your material handling application. You can choose either the standard 60 degree angle. For safety and ease for a user to walk down the step forward, we also have 50 degree safety angle options.

Mobile Industries rolling ladders range from 30” height to the top step to 140”. To ensure safety regulation compliance, all of our ladders above 56” include a handrail height of 42”.

Our three and four step ladders have four 1.5” x 5” casters. Two being fixed for easy tilt and roll transportation. Our 6, 8, 10 and 14 step ladders include four casters with two being swivels to allow for easy turning in your warehouse and retail spaces.

In addition, to ensure the highest level of safety, our 6 step and above ladders include a foot-activated locking device that lowers rubber feet to the ground keeping the unit fix and stable preventing it from rolling. Plus, the steps and platforms of all of our ladders are non-slip.

Available Models:

Turn-in-Place (50 Degree) Rolling Ladders:
● RL6-50 – 6 step rolling ladder
● RL8-50 – 8 step rolling ladder
● RL10-50 – 10 step rolling ladder
● RL14-50 – 14 step rolling ladder

60 Degree Rolling Ladders:
● RL6-60 – 6 step rolling ladder
● RL8-60 – 8 step rolling ladder
● RL10-60 – 10 step rolling ladder

Tilt and Roll Rolling Ladders
● RL3-TR – 3 step rolling ladder
● RL4-TR – 4 step rolling ladder

If you have any questions about price, availability and more, we invite you to call us at 1-800-527-4612. Alternately, find a dealer location near you here.